The visit of the AMPERE network in Argentina and the Arfitec congress took place in two stages:
– visits of UNSAM (National San Martin University, suburbs of Buenos Aires) and UNLP (National University of La Plata) on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 April
– ARFITEC conference from Wednesday evening 18/4 to Friday evening 20/4, with two meetings of our project partners Arfitec.

French side, very good mobilization with Gérard PIGNAULT (CPE Lyon), Aurélie LADUGUIE (ENSICAEN), Bernard BAYLE (PHYSICAL TELECOM STRASBOURG), Eneko CHIPI (ENSEA), Eliane FONSECA and Benoît CLEMENT (ENSTA-Brittany) and Thomas BRUNET (ENSEIRB -MATMECA).